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Baggels? Bagels!

Wow, Baggels, really? Not only is $3.49 a lot, but I should get a discount because of the misspelling! Thanks, Vegas!

Please Learn To Spell

The sign says “Please Keep The Door Close” – of course it should say “Please Keep The Door Closed.” With a D on the end.

Not Sparkling

So, yeah, I have news for you – this bathroom is not SPARKLING.

Residential Sidewalks

We see people tripping over this everyday.

Broken Seat

We’d love to have our seat back!

Where is our water?

Please City! Bring us some water!

Rain + Potholes

many tires are damaged. many lives are at risk.
many potholes still there months after months, on one of the busiest road downtown SJ.

No light for months!

Where is the light?! Please! please save our lives!

Please Fix Now slogan